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Head of the Breeding Board (ZG Eurasiers 1991-2011), Gisela Aach

Gisela Aach with a white Spitz dog Already in my early childhood I enjoyed the company of pets. Our first dog was a little white Spitz that liked to sit on my pram. Then followed Braques, Spitz crossbreeds, Boxers, wire haired dachshounds, combined with everything that goes with it when your family has a farming background, including learning the ropes of how to keep and breed animals.

As an adult, my first own dog was a Eurasier that entered my home in 1982, after having been in contact with Charlotte Baldamus since 1980.

Right from the start, Charlotte Baldamus taught me the correct approach to Eurasiers: "A Eurasier is a special dog and needs a sensible and open-minded owner" - Did she already consider me as such an owner back then?? In any case, I had visited the co-founder of Eurasiers, Charlotte Baldamus, several times before we could finally get our first Eurasier puppy from her (the timing had to fit in with my school vacation - and we all know how difficult that can be).

Eurasier puppy Billy

Mittelberg, the home of Charlotte Baldamus

My visits with Charlotte Baldamus on the Mittelberg, Germany, became more often, my conversations with Eurasier friends intensified, I spent more and more time discussing Eurasier breeding with Charlotte Baldamus, and, before I realized it, I - who had never wanted to become a member of a club - had become a very active member and was elected into the ZG Board in 1987. I have been the Head of the Breeding Board of the Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier since 1991 (to 2011) and since then, with the assistance of my Breeding Board colleagues, I have "planned" almost every ZG-Eurasier I meet today. 

Gisela Aach during a conversation about Eurasiers

Eurasier puppy Cita vom Lindenhof

Being in the position as the Head of the Breeding Board is often a difficult task, the responsibility for each animal is a heavy burden, especially regarding health and the good Eurasier temperament. Nature cannot always be influenced as wished, and not everything is yet scientifically clarified.

And still, or maybe even despite of this (?), it is a wonderful and interesting duty, that, alongside with a lot of work, also gives a lot of joy, e.g. when many good Eurasiers are presented by their owners during the meetings, and I can see they all found their "best dog".

If you, the Eurasier owners, continue to assist the VDH-Eurasier Clubs by giving them information concerning your dogs, it should be possible to breed this beautiful dog breed in the future, too, as healthy specimen with typical Eurasier character.

Our Eurasiers

Eurasier Billy vom Schoenaich, ZG

Billy vom Schoenaich - our first Eurasier was very special to us. We had to wait for more than two years for him, because - due to my job - our puppy should come to our home during a certain time of the year. In those days, we thought this would be easy. During our long wait, Charlotte Baldamus gave us plenty of detailed information about the breed Eurasier. On the Mittelberg, Germany, the "birth place" of the ZG Eurasier club, we learned a lot about the many specialities about breeding Eurasiers, about the very special Eurasier breeders (who consider breeding Eurasiers a very special hobby) and about rearing and raising little Eurasier puppies. And so we were not really surprised that we had to "sign" our membership with the ZG even before we could take our Eurasier puppy Billy home with us. Although this was our "first club", we considered it a matter of course to support the Eurasier idea and Eurasier breeding through our membership. 
Eurasier Cita vom Lindenhof, ZG Cita vom Lindenhof - a "specially produced Eurasier". Many "old" Eurasier knowledgeable people had planned the C-litter vom Lindenhof with all due care. For a female in our Eurasier club ZG, who had already given birth to two good litters, a beautiful and healthy male was chosen from the Eurasier club EKW. Both Eurasier clubs hoped for good offspring and had hoped for an improvement from this mating.
Eurasier Urco von Bokina, ZG Urco von Bokina - the first Eurasier with Belgian papers!
Eurasier Abea vom Streeker Forst, ZG Abea vom Streeker Forst should finally become our first dam for breeding. But, not all plans work, ...

As the joys of motherhood cannot be fulfilled, Abea thoroughly enjoys participating in shows. Her natural enthusiasm and attentive attitude for what is happening around her, in combination with her Eurasier typical appearance, convinces the judges, and she always finishes among the first places.

Eurasier Bardo aus dem Ries, ZG Bardo aus dem Ries - a promising male

today, 2013-01-06, seven years and 4 month old...

Walking with Eurasiers in the woods

My husband, who prefers to stay in the background, assists me where he can.


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