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Eurasier puppies from VDH/FCI



Eurasier female with her puppies

Eurasier puppies from the Zuchtgemeinschaft, the Kynologische Zuchtgemeinschaft and the Eurasier Klub Weinheim are reared and raised by their breeders under ideal conditions, with close contact to their human family. The home of the breeder, where the puppies are raised, is inspected carefully by a ZG breed inspector prior to the first litter. The breed inspector visits the home of the breeder again during the first days after a litter was born, to thoroughly check and assess the puppies and their mother.

Eurasier puppy ZG Eurasier puppy ZG child with Eurasier puppy, ZG Eurasier puppy, ZG

It is also one of the most important duties of a breed inspector to guide the breeder and give advice while he raises the puppies, and to see to it that the puppies receive the best possible start at their breeders for their future life.

Eurasier puppies with their mother, ZG     Eurasier puppies exploring their environment, ZG

Eurasier puppy learning, ZG     Eurasier puppies exploring their environment, ZG

Our Eurasier breeders and our clubs are very interested in staying in contact with the new owners of Eurasiers. Of course, we offer advice and guidance for all Eurasiers bred by us - throughout the whole life of these Eurasiers. A good possibility to stay in contact consists in the regional gatherings and walks that are regularly offered and organized by the clubs.

ZG walk with Eurasiers and one Samoyed Eurasiers greeting one another, ZG Eurasier puppies exploring their environment, ZG

With a puppy from the clubs in VDH / FCI and IFEZ, you get a Eurasier that was well planned and bred with all due care, and that was raised under good conditions with tender love.

Eurasiers Abea and Bardo, ZG


Breeding Eurasiers in the ZG (1991-2011) - For Eurasier breeders and people interested in buying a Eurasier puppy

Eurasier breeding, as we understand it in our Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier (ZG) , means breeding with knowledge, but as a hobby, with no commercial interest.

We do not breed "for stock" and so certain waiting periods for a puppy from our Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier are inevitable.

It is one of our main priorities to find a good and suitable home for each of our puppies, so that a ZG Eurasier will hopefully be able to stay in his family for all its life.

I am the head of the breeding board and, in cooperation with Edith Marahrens and Alfred Mueller, our "Koermeisters" (=specially educated breed specialists) and both active in our breeding board,  I deal with everything concerning breeding matters in the ZG.

Every approved mating in the ZG must be carefully planned by consulting all the data we have at that point. It is necessary to not only have as much information and as much health data of as many as possible relatives of sire and dam, but also to interprete and assess this data.

Before one of our breeders can breed their female, important breeding requirements for female Eurasiers must be met, to which belong good results of the veterinary health checks, and passing successfully the assessment of the breeding potential. 

A breeding programme, in connection with modern technology, assists our search for the best suitable males for a female. Of course, this only works with a well kept dog-database. For this reason, every Eurasier owner is asked to contribute his share by sending important information concerning his Eurasier to the breeding board and the database. 

When looking for the really best fitting mating couple, also our personal impressions of the various dogs (appearance, character, etc.) must be considered. For this reason, you can often find me, but also Edith Marahrens and Alfred Mueller, at the various ZG Eurasier gatherings all over Germany. 

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